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first ever vulkan triangle, completely in odin
only a measly 1038 loc (not excluding whitespace and other ancilliary stuff)

Spent the last few days implementing https://raytracing.github.io/books/RayTracingInOneWeekend.html in pure Odin. Surprisingly fun, and even used a thread pool for the first time in my programming career to help speed things up a little

Decided to work on my wheel reinvention submission again since I had a little time, after a couple weeks of on and off development i got some pretty nice text wrapping 👌🏻 Flutter has text wrapping by default with its text widgets but the trick here was that i needed lines to wrap 2 at a time, one for the chords line and one for the lyrics line Source code is here: https://github.com/SentientCoffee/HandmadeChordProRenderer

song info editor with the ability to edit song names, artist info, categories, and lyrics for any song. can also add new categories if they don't yet exist, and they all update the respective pages for the artist and category filtering 🙌🏻

Day 3 of ChordPro reader: songs now have categories that can be used to find songs more easily, and you can now delete songs from the song list now, which will reflect the changes throughout the rest of the app

vod for today's stream is still uploading but maybe i can share the link still... (looks like it worked, pog) https://youtu.be/cVumbSpWGTI

Actual value for today: main song list page is up, and an artist-filtered page of the same song list is also a thing, as well as starting to do the render page per song

after having flutter die on me a million times, i got a working windows build that i can start working on during the jam. not exactly what i wanted since i wanted to be able to build to mobile but it's better than not having anything