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Got pixel-perfect smooth camera working in a new project - still not sure if (0, 0) offset should be in the middle or in the corner of a pixel 🤔

&procyon: I've spent too much time trying to profile based on console output and manually placed timers so I am now recording and dumping trace data that can be later displayed in spall. File writes are quite slow on the PSP so I only put start/duration ticks and address offsets for event names in intermediate format that later gets converted to Trace Event Format on my PC.

&procyon: Finally re-recorded this demo 😅 More new stuff Soon™️

&procyon: First steps with my new networking model - sorry for this poorly recorded demo 🙃

&procyon: Skeletal animations are *finally* working on the PSP, Windows and Linux!

&procyon first steps with my own blender exporter, got something rendering on PC and PSP
(big thanks to @mysteriousj for his blender exporter template, wouldn't be possible without it)

&procyon got PC and PSP to connect to the same game server

Some progress on my first cross platform library.

I have made a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 powered handheld console for my University project. Deadlines made me use a case that partially failed to print and I had a lot of trouble with... well... everything - but I've learned a few things and even got to write a C program that would read analog values from ADC through I2C and interacts with GPIO - without any libraries.