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Handmade Hero Notes is itching ever so closer to the end of its Platform Layer chapter! Day 23. Looped Live Code Editing https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day23

  1. Add a Test Player
  2. Implement Live Loop Editing
  3. Showcase Live Loop Editing Next week I will also finalize contributing guide so if you'd like to help the project be sure to join our discord https://discord.gg/Vnvc8QD

I'm happy to present Day 22 of Handmade Hero Notes: Instantaneous Live Code Reloading! https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day22

  1. Variable PDB Name
  2. Re-enable Debugger Support
  3. Remove Delay Between Reloads For the simplicity of following along, this day sees somewhat of a departure from my usual "follow strictly Casey's flow" approach. The various things Casey did during this day have been swapped around as they more sense this way.

Let me know your feedback and, as usual, feel free to join the discord at https://discord.gg/Vnvc8QD 🐮

It took me a full month but it's finally here! Day 20 of Handmade Hero Notes is now available at https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day20

  1. Deep Dive into Audio Latency Issue
  2. Implement Two Audio Paths
  3. Introduce GameGetSoundSamples
  4. More Debug Work I appreciate any feedback, also feel free to join the discord! https://discord.gg/g9htMr2M

I'm continuing my adventure documenting Handmade Hero. Here's Day 19. Improving Audio Synchronization: https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day19

  1. Visualize the DirectSound Cursors
  2. Deep-dive Into the Issue
  3. Increase Frame Latency Sadly I can no longer commit to weekly releases, but I hope to finish Day 25 before Star Code Galaxy's out!

I'm continuing my weekly updates of Handmade Hero Notes. Day 16. Visual Studio Compiler Switches has just been published on https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day16. Today we discussed the following topics:

  1. Enable Compiler Warnings
  2. Set Other Compiler Switches
  3. Try a 32-bit Build Thank you for your support!

Handmade Hero Notes has just published Day 12! Platform-Independent Sound Output: https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day12

  1. Intro to our API Design Approach
  2. Start Generating Sounds on the Game Layer
  3. Make Use of Sound Generation in the Platform Layer

We also have a Twitter channel now! https://twitter.com/HMH_Notes

This was a fun one. Handmade Hero Notes, Day 9. Variable-Pitch Sine Wave Ouptut: https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day9

  • Generate a Sine Wave
  • Debug Writing to the Sound Buffer
  • Link Sound Pitch to User Input
  • Bonus: The First Game Jam (especially fun because I dug out some old photos)

Also, I don't apologize for crappy graphs. Trying to draw sine waves using ASCII/Unicode characters never gets old.

Handmade Hero Notes Day 8 is live! https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/html/day8

  • Write to a Circular Buffer
  • Square Wave
  • Play Sound through DirectSound

Day 2 of Handmade Hero Notes is live! I keep finding and fixing typos and other bugs, so if anyone notices anything, give me a poke! https://yakvi.github.io/handmade-hero-notes/index.md.html