I'm Dominik, high school student always loving to explore new ways of programming. Since my handicap made me more-or-less impossible to do certain jobs, I've started with programming, as that's the only thing keeping me on life. I always like to explore nature (in pictures), going out with friends and reading some articles or books on the internet. While it is true I can be stubborn, I can hear to other's opinions too. Oh and btw, hello from Slovakia, "kde máme pekné baby a dobré pivo!" (the country of hot women and good beer.)

In past years, we've been working on https://www.facebook.com/lhmpmode/, which is a multiplayer modification for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Project was discontinued due to low interest in future updates. Well one day, I've got an idea, to do something more, that's why I'm here, making whole game remake on a handmade Unity game project.

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If you would start rewriting the engine, what features would you add, remove, or do in a different way?

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Thanks, I'll look into that one. It's nice to have this topic, always stuff to learn.
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Post your C/C++ macro tricks

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