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As I said in the video, I'm looking to hire an engine programmer as a short-term contractor for around $4k. If that sounds up your alley shoot me a DM

A* pathfinding with cache invalidation for playgpt is done

Here is my project for the HMN visibility jam, introspect. It lets you browse a C file as a nonlinear web of declarations and usage sites. There are a lot of bugs in how I handle libclang parsing due to time constraints unfortunately (I only had a couple days), but if anybody wants to fix it up/make improvements the source, as well as executable to try it out on your own code, is here: https://github.com/creikey/introspect . The code being visualized is the source for introspect itself &introspect

streamed for 12 hours yesterday, all runs fully in the web with automatic draw call batching https://github.com/creikey/rpgpt

I'm addicted to shipping &multiplayer-space https://astrisgame.com

New fancy rendering for thruster exhaust, and thrusters now do damage! &multiplayer-space

Made a networked particle system and the thrusters emit smoke. Tomorrow I'm doing metaball rendering for them and making the thrusters do damage &multiplayer-space

Fixed a few critical bugs and made this electricity effect shader on the radar to show you the direction of where new unlocks are! &multiplayer-space

https://youtu.be/qz-1YzOb8XI &multiplayer-space I wonder if I should do the audio stereo mixing myself or have miniaudio handle it, you guys have any opinions?

https://youtu.be/VcSdW8s9IWQ &multiplayer-space if it weren't for handmade this game wouldn't support such a big world out of the box, thank you all!