Builds, devlogs, and more are available on the official website! On my YouTube channel there is a catalog of 70+ past videos for those who are curious about the development process.

The game is made in C and depends on some Sokol headers, Chipmunk2D physics, and Enet.

Recent Activity

I'm addicted to shipping &multiplayer-space

New fancy rendering for thruster exhaust, and thrusters now do damage! &multiplayer-space

Made a networked particle system and the thrusters emit smoke. Tomorrow I'm doing metaball rendering for them and making the thrusters do damage &multiplayer-space

Fixed a few critical bugs and made this electricity effect shader on the radar to show you the direction of where new unlocks are! &multiplayer-space &multiplayer-space I wonder if I should do the audio stereo mixing myself or have miniaudio handle it, you guys have any opinions? &multiplayer-space if it weren't for handmade this game wouldn't support such a big world out of the box, thank you all!