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I'm a geek, software developer, engineer, physics nerd, mathematics admirer.

Programming experience: I started in ~1986 with BASIC on a ZX81 and never stopped. After a few years of Turbo Pascal and x86 Assembler on MS-DOS, I have been mostly using C, C++, Perl, and some Python. My professional experience is in compiler building and embedded real-time systems. I have done lots of other stuff for fun, for example winning 5th place in a cool Kaggle competition:

Education: Master (actually Dipl.-Ing.) of Computer Science from TU Vienna.

Some principles:
* Audacity and hands-on readiness to code large systems from scratch, for fun and reasons.
* Skepticism towards reuse of code (rather than knowledge) and its long-term costs.
* Prototyping a new rough-and-ready coding style that prioritizes results and functional density over formal beauty and 'Modern C++' idioms.

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