Currently working on Star Command (cocos2d-x) and Star Command Galaxies (Unity3D).

Learned how to code modifying Nibbles & Gorillas QBasic games. Moved on to TurboC, VGA, writing simple games having read "Learn Game Development in 21 Days". Used VB 6.0 to hack AOL chat rooms and use telnet for war dialing. One the internet took off I spent 10+ years writing websites and services. CGI (perl, c), ASP, PHP, and finally .net (C#) along with H

Studied @ Colorado State University. Focused on computer vision (LiDAR), parallel computing, compilers, and graphics.

Missed the gold rush, but started learning ObjC and wrote a few apps and games for the iPhone and I've been doing mobile game development field ever since.

I enjoy hacking on everything and learning new languages like Go, Rust, and Swift and look forward to test out Jai.

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