Astrobion is an indie puzzle game deep in development. You play the role of a scientist on a distant system trying to figure out alien organisms, how they work, and their diseases. The game simulates simplified versions of biological cells, and you as a scientist have a chemistry mixer and molecular synthesizer at your disposal to mix and try different medications and what effects they have on the living organism. The goal is to figure out and solve those medical cases with as little resources as possible, being on a distant planet where everything is expensive to make. (lore WOI)

Currently, a playable alpha is available. future updates will provide more tools such as microscopes and spectrometers, genome and DNA models, and an elaborate story.

The game is being written in C from scratch, all assets are also created by the same person programming it, a medical student doing this in free time, so progress is slow, but steady! check it out, try the alpha, or join the discord server, I welcome any feedback and ideas! all info here: