StoryDev 2 is a parser for StoryScript, a scripting language designed for interactive storytelling. It's written in Haxe which allows for cross-target development, allowing you to use your scripts in any language and on any platform. Haxe targets C++, C#, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flash, Neko, PHP, Java, Python and Lua. With frameworks such as OpenFL and Kha, StoryDev can be used for native desktop applications, web applications, mobile devices, and even the Raspberry Pi.

The purpose of StoryDev is to abstract storytelling from logic. Unlike most interactive story-telling scripting engines, we encourage writer's to do what they do best without needing to worry about logic.

StoryScript is designed to work alongside the StoryDev Editor, downloadable here. You do not have to use the editor, but it is highly beneficial for organising your stories.

Installing StoryDev 2

To install, use the haxelib git command:

haxelib git sd2

You can alternatively use the haxelib dev command if you clone with git directly.

Learn How to Use

You can follow this link to go to the documentation regarding StoryScript; how to use and implement it into your own projects.