An app that let you book tables from a top down view of the restuarant's different rooms.

I imagine a front end where you can have an over view of a restuarant where you can see how the rooms look and where the tables are. In a panel you can change date and time and the tables will update their status as booked or available for booking at the specified time. It would also be possible to select any table to see when the table is available or booked.

The back end would be basically an editor where you can add tables and walls etc, to refelect the layouts of the rooms. It would keep track of the different tables and update their status as they are booked/unbooked, and then notify the restuarant of this by a convenient method, often email is used for online bookings. There are some problems in how to organise this and different ways to think about them if I come to this part in the future.

While booking, I want the booking state to be shared and live so that when somebody selects a table there is a visual cue for every body, indicating that somebody has selected it. And if it becomes booked at the time you are currently watching it, you immediatly see it changing color and behaviour to booked.

For the Wheel Reinvention Jam 2022 I will try to have a front end prototype, writing booking/table data to a text file, reading booking/table data from that text file and update the tables by color code the status of the tables during the selected time. If I can do that I will move on to making it so that you can select a table and have a little schedule with clickable dates and times when it's booked or available.