A barebones movie editor inspired by Windows Movie Maker. Making this as part of the Wheel Reinvention Jam.

Written in C using the Sokol Libs for graphics, window setup and input and FFmpeg to actually open and render the movie files to the screen.

I also used a little imgui style UI thing I had lying around from previous projects that draws normal, rounded and blurred boxes, chops rectangles and handles UI events.

Will I actually get the bare minimum thing working? Stay tuned to find out!

Recent Activity

Final update for the jam for my &movie-editor filmsaw! Added project loading/saving and also added very unsynchronised audio playback. Also fixed a couple of bugs particularly the aspect ratio when drawing thumbnails. There are still lots of bugs.

My &movie-editor Filmsaw is coming along nicely 🙂 managed to add a source window that opens videos found on the filesystem. You can drag videos onto the timeline then chop them up with X and delete them with Delete. Lots of improvements left to make but the basics are working now I think - hoping to get audio working next. Then I'll probably look at how horrific getting videos exporting is. FFmpeg is amazing!

First jam update report! Been making pretty good progress so far.

Got ffmpeg opening videos and displaying them on the screen but single threaded and no audio yet.
You can seek the video and I'm using that to generate badly sized clip thumbnails.

I've also started work on the track editor and you can move clips around and chop them in half. I have also added undo/redo support for the clip editing which is all working nicely. You can't delete stuff yet.

I'm working on the sources panel on the left next which will display videos in a folder and allow you to drag them onto the track editor to add them to the film.

Once that bit is working the plan is to see if I can get the video panel to display the film you are editing, taking the clips etc into account!