Delicious Timer is a fast, lightweight profiler oriented towards execution speed.

It makes it easy to visualise what happens in your program and lets you quickly spot opportunities for speed-ups.

Some key points:

  • Delicious Timer is fast: it can record up to millions of time lapses per second.

  • It is easy to navigate: it feels snappy and responsive, even when there is tons of data to display.

  • You can get the statistics you care about: the visualiser lets you instantly combine threads, compute local statistics, sort results and search through them. You can also highlight locks and memory allocations throughout your program.

  • Get it up and running within minutes: the Delicious Timer API is simple and straightforward. You can disable it at any time with one line of code.

  • Easily record time lapses, context switches, thread locks and memory allocations.

  • Bloat-free: Delicious Timer is fully portable and weighs less than a megabyte.


For now only Windows is supported, there are plans for a Linux version.

  • Windows 10, 11 (other versions remain untested)
  • A modern AMD64 (x64) CPU (anything from the last 10 years should do)
  • Lots of RAM if you plan to record tons of time lapses (memory usage is proportional to the number of time lapses recorded)

v1.2.0 release notes:

There are now C# and Rust ports.

Some changes were made to the API to make it more usable.

Fixed a bug where you could not close the profiler from the task bar.

v1.1.0 release notes:

Some parts of the profiler were rewritten from scratch for this release to simplify systems and get rid of bugs.

  • Updated the time lapse recording system.
  • Updated the LOD system.
  • Reduced CPU consumption when not recording data.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect UTF-8 data.