Visualizing Text - Slider

Goal: Lightweight Text Visualization

Like markdown for slides, but, less ad-hoc than markdown",

We want the 'good parts' of heavyweights like Powerpoint and Keynote, without the bloat.


Expected benefits

  • beyond just making presentations...
  • lightweight text visualizer gives instant feedback (like a REPL)
    • you can instantly "see" if your description looks "complicated" vs "easy to understand"
  • a lightweight, point-form visualizer for text might be used to create
    • README.mds
    • high-level documentation in general
    • elevator pitches




Writing Text From Scratch -

Accessing via URL -

Install, Use

Closing Thoughts

Code Size

Lines of Code (baseline project)

  • Grammar: 12 lines
  • Actions: 15 lines
  • Mithril: 66 lines
  • <100 lines for baseline


  • very portable
  • all presentation data is contained in the URL
  • load a presentation URL into a browser -> instant slider


  • Chuck Moore Forth editor
  • (URL encoded link)
  • Keynote (Apple)

Did It Turn Out Like We'd Hoped?

What Did We Learn?

  • don't need WYSIWYG, stand-beside visualizer is good enough
  • learned about writing Grammars and Actions (Ohm-JS, PEG)
    • no need to hand-craft parsers or use YACC ever again (thanks to PEG concepts)
  • grammars can be used in more apps than just being used for writing compilers
    • Ohm-JS is like REGEX on steroids
  • learned about writing HTML in a lightweight manner (Mithril)
  • Ohm-JS + Mithril - result in quick, small web apps



  • J. Fuller (oofoe)
  • Paul Tarvydas (paultarvydas)