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Graph visualization of structs
Once you need to debug a graph based structure (like the AST of a compiler, the dependency graph of jobs, ...) you want to be able to visualize how the graph looks. That would be simpler than trawling through the fields and chasing pointers around to try and create a mental model.

For the interface you would need a way to say "add this struct to the graph" and for each type "these are the outgoing connections" (possibly with how to interpret the type), which would basically mean a way to specify a (nested) field as containing a pointer to another struct (or a range of structs with bounds constants or from another field). Though more complex ways of linking to other nodes may be required for example when dealing with subclasses or tagged unions.

The visualization of each node could then also use a field for identification so you could for example see the name of each node.

Then you would also need a way to get a node into the data inspection field.
Simon Anciaux
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Graph visualization of structs
A thing that would be great in my opinion, is to have a way to add plugin (dlls like in the custom layer) to be able to access the data and create a visualizer (or anything else). A simple example would be to graph some points or vectors, or saving some memory to disk with some formatting...