Roids is a classic Asteroids game. It is going to be my first full game that follows the handmade programming way!

Asteroids is a pretty simple game that I hope to be able to add some flare to. Initially this will be software rendered, but later I will introduce a DX11 rendering pipeline using my own 2D engine.

Some of the goals for this project include (but not limited to):

  • Creating a console to help with loading/saving levels, interacting with entities, ... (Similar to Jonathan Blow's console)
  • Handwritten UI system that can be used as a development tool, as well as in the final game.
  • Font rendering using stb_truetype.h header file.
  • Sound/Music. Something I've shied away from the beginning of my journey in the handmade series. But every game needs sound!
  • Two rendering pipelines, software + DX11.
  • An Asteroids game with multiple levels, and as I said... maybe some flare added into the mix XD