Conflict deFuse is a short turn-based RPG following the exploits of the (literally) wicked witch Fusie, who, after punished for one too many pranks in her school, discovers monsters lurking within the dungeon she must now cleanup.

Gameplay consists of defeating enemies by utilizing Fusie's spellgun to fire all sorts of magic, earning extra turns should she hit weaknesses. The fuse in her hat isn't just for show either: as she lands hits and takes damage, the flame grows larger and allows her to spend it on special moves to turn the tide of battle in her favor.

The game takes after the look and feel of PS1 games, doing its best to stay faithful to the limitations of the era whilst featuring fun designs for both characters and enemies.

The game is fully powered by open source tools and libraries, utilizing the Raylib framework to build a tiny, sensible engine on top with goodies such as Lua scripting and a focus on making it quick and fun to iterate on development.