Pet for desktop 🦊

A fox companion like you've never dreamed

image PetForDesktopDemonstration

Welcome to PetForDesktop land!
PetForDesktop allows you to integrate and interact with your pet and customize it whenever you want!

How to install?

Just download the lastest version of this application and extract it.

What you can do with PetForDesktop:

  • Edge detection of screen content: your pet can jump into any element of your screen.
  • Basic physic: you can drag and drop your pet with gravity but also make it bounce on your screen.
  • Customize settings : to play with the debugging function, configure your own gravity etc...
  • Customize animation
  • Replace the existing animation with your own horizontal sprite sheet.
  • Walk and jump but also edit and create your own animation!
  • Modify the code and contribute! (it's open source and under MIT license!)
  • Support development: Developing an app takes a lot of time for free and love is not enough to live on.
  • Use multiple monitors

What is currently not possible with PetForDesktop:

  • Cook and make your own coffee...
  • Save your pet's progress
  • Launch multiple pets (you can but it is not optimized)
  • Works on MacOs and Linux...

What in the future?

You can easily check out the roadmap but remember that this software is open source.
That means you can fork it and modify or contribute to it for anyone! The MTI license allows you to do this, so take advantage of it.


PetForDesktop also takes small screenshots of your screen to process collision and edge detection. This application will NEVER save or send them!


  • Hempuli with its "Babafriend" application. The first inspiration for this concept was initiated through his program.
  • LeGitHubDeTai with his tool "github-to-discord" to generate a notification on discord when new versions are released.
  • elthen with his fox sprite sheet which I used and modified to suit my needs.
  • cassala with his bubble sprite sheet which I used and modified to suit my needs.

Download the last version here:

Project milestone here:

Discord here: