Have you ever run out of page space taking the derivative of a nasty little scalar-valued function? Have you completed the derivation only to realize that you left out a negative sign, factor of two, or mish-mashed parentheses until "order of operations" becomes "haphazard guess"?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, Jymbo can help.

Jymbo slurps up equations of any scalar-value complexity and gives you a derivative of that equation in text form or as a formatted tree. Wanna take a second derivative of that first equation? Pour that derivative back into Jymbo's gullet and let him do his job all over again. Ad nauseum!

Jymbo has no pretty UI. Jymbo needs no pretty UI. Jymbo lives in a world free of polish and presentation because Jymbo is designed for dirty work.

Recent Activity

It ain't much, but I got &jymbo to build and print binary abstract syntax trees for polynomials! This one is a basic quadratic