A browser extension and websocket server enabling proximity chat in Discord voice channels. The extension provides a 2D window populated with avatars of every user in a voice channel. Each connected user can click and drag their avatar with their mouse to move it around the window. As users move around, their volume will be dynamically changed depending on their distance from your avatar.

Recent Activity

I slapped together a horrendous websocket server and now have basic networking functioning! A user on a different machine can drag their avatar and their position will be broadcasted to all other connected users! &discord-proxchat

I figured out a better method for hooking into volume changes, so now we can change multiple users volumes simultaneously. &discord-proxchat

Loading in avatar images and selecting the correct user's volume to change. &discord-proxchat

Ben posted this idea in the jam channel and I'm giving it a shot. So far I got some very primitive volume control of a user in a Discord voice channel from a browser extension, by way of disgusting hacks. &discord-proxchat