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WYSIWYG audio tool for sound synthesis, processing and experimentation

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About Sound Maker

I've been dreaming of an application like this for a long time, and while this particular project does not completely fulfill my vision, I'm very happy with the result! Especially considering it only took a week to make!

Currently the number of audio effects and synths is limited, but I hope to expand and improve this application in the future.

The tool features:

  • A few basic oscillators (synths), which can be altered through their inputs
  • An ADSR envelope - can be triggered by any signal
  • A delay with feedback (echo)
  • An audio recorder, can be manipulated by any signal. Drag & drop an audio file into the application window to import it as a recorder instance. Click the export button to save audio (press F1 to open export folder)
  • A waveshaper that can be used to alter (distort) the signal
  • An XY pad, that can be used to do manual manipulations, as well as supply a parameter to other modules
  • Some other utilities

One major limitation is that it only deals with monophonic audio. It's unlikely I will fix that in this project, I would rather like to start afresh with a codebase that is not so hacky :)

Also there's no saving...

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Recent Activity

Builds for &sound-maker are now available! There's one for windows and the .love file can be run on any platform with Love2D installed
Unfortunately there's no project saving/loading yet, only export/import of sound files

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And to think this thing didn't exist a week ago :D &sound-maker

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Implemented an audio recorder. This is an important step towards exporting and importing sounds. Playing around with the new possibilities :)

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Now when hovering over a socket you can see its name and audio buffer. I've also added a way to add modules into the workspace (they were hardcoded before). Among some other tweaks and additions. &sound-maker

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Warning: loud noises
Getting to a point where it's fun to mess around with this thing! The widgets don't look great but at this point I don't have time for that since the weekend will be taken up by Ludum Dare.
Can't wait till I get more modules working to play with :D
In particular I need a recorder so you can put sounds in and take them out

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Working on an audio tool for the jam :D &sound-maker

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