Tine is a simple text/code editor initially designed as a main work tool just for me, so I did only things I needed, but after some time it turned out it might be useful and helpful for others.

The main goal of this editor is to keep the focus on the text editing and not be distracted too much by buttons, tabs, menus, and animations. So there is almost no UI. Text navigation and the editor interactions are strictly designed for keyboard use (since I hate moving my hand during typing and using the mouse); however, some basic mouse support was added after some time (mostly for cases like a quick presentation of code to colleagues and similar things).

I mostly use C/C++ at work so the editor is designed to be used with those languages.

I used Emacs a lot so my Control key is remapped to Caps Lock. I think such Control key position is way better and ergonomic, so consider do the same. Default Tine keybinding is a lot about pressing Control. Also right hand touch-type home position is used as a base for the cursor movement (arrows can be used too).

My default working OS is Windows, so the editor was designed according to it. However, porting to other platforms might be possible since the language API used for the editor supports also Linux and Mac. I just didn't spend too much time implementing features like hot-load and process execution there.

Alpha version can be downloaded here:

Recent Activity

Version 0.4 is out for testing.

Add simple support for assembly language.
Add asserts on Linux and Mac for unimplemented stuff (release should still work).
Add jumping to previous locations on global level. (by default Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+])
Add custom library to handle clipboard.
Add sort open files in quick by last visit.
Fix LSP now use URI for all paths.

Version 0.3 is out for testing.

Add search-replace in file.
Add use last replacement string as default on new replace.
Add 'show_hints' option.
Add replace all.
Fix invalid horizontal view offset when cursor jumps.
Fix broken error notifications in release mode.
Fix comment indentation in case spaces are used and toggle comment activated.

The new version 0.2 is now out!


Add maximize_on_start option.
Add font customization.
Add command to clear message buffer.
Add GLSL syntax highlighting.
Disable project reindexing in case there is an ongoing compilation.
Fix invalid selection range in case of mouse selection over an empty buffer.
Show hidden directories in lists.
Add open search results in a separate buffer.
Add a command to save all changed files.
Add automatic save before build option.
Fix horizontal view offset calculation.
Fix command buffer multiline handling.