Ok, just a quick update.

I've been working on 2 things. First, I started to nail down the html/css parsing and the engine. This will allow us to do the next demo (we're going to show working bootstrap.css + stuff like drag-dropping html code onto the canvas to create objects etc.),

And also - I want to finally make a thing that is going to allow our designer to modify/tweak the interface. And we'll use html to do that. He's used html/css for years and we're doing parsing for that anyway, so naturally the html UI specification it going to be better than a cusom text format (maybe). Of course, we'll have to augment the html spec to describe various interactive things (like, waht should happen if this button is clicked)

And second - I've took some time to work on a debug system. Before using a dynamically-generated UI, I wrote it entirely in C++. And it was somewhat debuggable (although, it was still hard to catch a weird engine behaviour sometimes. Lots of pointer hunting was involved). A dyanmic UI system would make this debugging process almost impossible, and I wanted a better system anyway.

So I started with an introspection system, which will be a part of the debug mode. So far the only 2 things it does is showing the object hierarchy and selected object's data. Which is not much, but it's already proven to be super helpful.

I have all type information available, all parameters. all enums - everything to very easily inspect data, and print it out. (Huge thanks to Casey for the struct offset trick from his introspection streams!)

And that's that for now. I'm going to improve the debug system over the next couple weeks, add a profiler, and couple other convenience things. And then - lots and lots of UI work will follow, which is going to be interesting.

Until next time! Bye-bye!