Solar Storm is a classic turn-based artillery shooter. You are a tank pilot, fighting for control over the solar system. Battle your friends in a fully destructible terrain to see who is the best!

The game is made in the Odin programming language, with a custom game engine built with the help of Sokol.

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Recent Activity

I implemented hot reloading in my game (based on the odin hot reloading article by Karl Zylinski, and the Handmade Hero).

Turns out it's also trivial to hot reload all the shaders, which is handy when tweaking the post-processing shaders etc.

And also the new RAD Debugger can handle hot reloaded dlls, unlike some other debuggers which lock them. It still has some issues, but at least it works


After twitter crashed like 3 times for me, I managed to write a long thread about Solar Storm renderer and how it works under the hood (with many many screenshots ofc).
I use sokol_gfx, which has been an absolute joy to work with so far.

Steam page for my game is finally live!

It's still WIP, the screenshots are outdated and there is no trailer yet, but I'm working on it!
Wishlists are greatly appereciated!!

It's made in the amazing Odin programming language (of course), and a custom engine (of course) built with the help of Sokol libs.

I'm doing a first public playtest sometime at the end of this week, if anyone is interested you can join solar storm discord server:

Oh and I also made a HMN project page :)