I am building a project that requires me to have understanding of compilers internals so I'll be researching compilers in depth like

  • MLIR
  • Modern day compilers(ML compilers), etc

Recent Activity

!til &compilers To improve the ease of GPU programming, this dissertation presents a system forfully-automatic parallelization for C and C++ codes for GPUs. The system consistsof a compiler and a run-time system. The compiler generates pipeline parallelizationsfor GPUs and the run-time system provides software-only shared memory. The maincontributions are: the first automatic data management and communication opti-mization framework for GPUs and the first automatic pipeline parallelization systemfor GPUs.

Reference: https://liberty.princeton.edu/Publications/phdthesis_tjablin.pdf

!til &compilers
I maintain my Compilers research and notes https://nixpienotes.notion.site/Everything-About-Compilers-8561aeae66384a60902961e422035f81
But will be sharing the facts and tidbits here too

!til &compilers Hey everyone,
I am very excited for this learning jam but due to my university exams i am not able to give much time on it but still I wanna give it a try and continue researching the compiler space as a part of this learning jam.