Long time no post! My excuse is that I've been busy preparing to move to Seattle for the summer! I have had some time to work on this project this month. Mainly, adding some basic Wwise integration, and adding support for FBOs (Frame Buffer Objects) through the graphics abstraction API.

The Going Ham demo was my audio partners first time trying FMOD. He has decided he prefers Wwise, which he has used for other projects. Integrating it was much more difficult than FMOD, but seems to have a lot more flexibility if I ever need to do really high-end audio programming. Either way, I should go with whatever makes him most comfortable.

The FBO support is exciting because it opens the door for cleaning up some of the viewport code and for a whole host of visual effects, particularly post-processing, reflections, and lighting. Right now the way the scene draw order is Editor UI, Game view, Scene view. By using FBOs I can pass the final game view texture to the UI system, which will draw it properly within its frame.

That's all for now. I'll hopefully be working on this more in the month of May.