Ideas for a project change, sometimes substantially through the course of development. These are the current ideas and direction for Seabird.

What is the game about?
Seabird is a game where you play as a bird that is having trouble flying. The goal is to find your flock, who are looking for you.

Seabird is a rogue-like game as far as procedural generation and permanent death of the player-character. The rest of the gameplay is different than other rogue-like games. It involves trying to find your way back to your flock by navigating through the environment and learning the behavior of the other birds that might be able to help you find your flock again. If you are not able to learn to work with the other birds, you will eventually fall into the ocean below.

Instead of a dungeon or a castle, Seabird takes place in the air. The game takes place in a 2D side-view environment. There are wind currents, gusts, vortexes, and all sorts of other wind formations. In Seabird, everything in the level is dynamic. The currents move around, disappear, and change form on screen.

Feel and Aesthetics:
I am going for a storybook feel for the game.
Visually Seabird will have vibrant cloudscapes and mesmerizing wind patterns, as well as a focus on character design.
The music will be acoustic and melodic.