v0.8 release - Infinite points & shapes; save and open files

Go out at night and try to count all the stars in the sky. Go to a beach and try to count the grains of sand. Look to the future and try to count all the possible paths you could take. You will now have the same difficulties in trying to count all the points and shapes that you can draw in Geometer. Draw constructions as large as you can imagine!

Your drawings can now be saved from being ephemeral wisps, floating in the ether. Save and open functions let you pause and continue your creative process at any time.

  • Ctrl + S to save
  • Ctrl + Shift + S to save as
  • Ctrl + O to open
  • Ctrl + Shift + O to open in new window

Download directly or from the Geometer GitHub repo.
Simon Anciaux,
May I suggest to package the .exe and the font in a .zip and to have a user friendly message if the font is not found (or to just work without the font since it's needed only for debug infos) ?

I would like a way to mark lines as construction lines and have a way to see the drawing without those and without the points.
Andrew Reece,
Sorry about that, I'm sure I fixed this exact bug not long ago... I must have unfixed it, possibly through misusing some git voodoo.

There will be something along those lines (no pun intended).