Apologies for the delay since my last post - I had to go away for work, and then I was ill for a while. I didn't feel like jumping straight back into Geometer while not 100% mentally with it, so I worked a bit on extracting some debug things I find useful into standalone libraries.
They're (very clearly) influenced to various degrees by Handmade Hero, and I have a few more ideas that I don't think Casey's mentioned that I'll be adding soon.

Main features
  • live tweaking/watching of variables
  • in-app recompilation
  • dll/library/code reloading
  • a content-agnostic way for organising debug variables of multiple types into a hierarchy
  • no dynamic allocation - the libraries only use static variables and arrays
Check them out on their GitHub page.
I have code examples up there that should give you an idea of how they're used.
I've tried to make their use as low-friction as possible.

Any thoughts you have on the API or other improvements that could be made would be welcome. I'd also welcome any suggestions for licensing... I'm currently leaning towards MIT, but I could be swayed by you fine people.

I have another mystery 'library', which I've been working on in my lunch breaks, coming soon - keep your eyes peeled!

Work will be resuming on Geometer very shortly.