Ever wanted to draw shapes on top of your shapes? Well, now you can, with the all-new Geometer!

Probably the most requested feature to date, you can now draw on multiple layers. Intersections between shapes on different layers can be interacted with as normal. Layers are primarily useful for aiding in construction. Once the additional scaffolding has been finished with, you can clear out the layer.

I couldn't put it off any longer, I finally added some UI that wasn't directly about drawing: there's now a pop-out drawer with thumbnails of the different layers. I've arbitrarily limited the number of layers to 5 until I implement some scrolling UI or similar.

Whenever there were multiple points close together, the cursor snapping between them used to be distracting and difficult to follow. I've added some smoothing so that the cursor moves, rather than jumps, between snap points.

There have been some internal changes to make versioning the file format easier for me and hopefully unnoticeable for users. I also spent a little while improving my debug system, which is based on live_edit and my blit16 font.

Additional UI:
  • `Ctrl+T` - toggle the layer thumbnail drawer
  • `Ctrl+Tab` - up a layer
  • `Ctrl+Shift+Tab` - down a layer
  • `Ctrl+A` - select all on current layer
(press F1 in-app to see all current controls)

Download directly or from the project's GitHub page.