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Dev update #1

First dev update, with a few videos showing the game running!

From last month the main updates have been relating to:

- Added game states flow and game views (main menu, in game, paused...)
- Splash screens when starting the game
- Linux support as been added and now properly works
- Main menu design, straightforward and simple for now

- First game logic resolution of the tile puzzles is now working with an initial difficulty (tiles can only go in one direction)

- A more advanced game logic where the tiles can be rotated on themselves and also rotate around the initial block of tiles, still experimenting with this feature, which might be split to increment difficulty progressively

Simon Anciaux,
Looks interesting. How do you know which piece goes where ? Since you can't see both connected faces it seems hard to fit things together.
Thanks! This is still a hanging question, I am not sure yet what to use in order to simplify how to find what tiles that should be connected, other than leaving the user observe attentively at them. I will definitely experiment more on that.
Wow this looks really cool! Good work man.