I've just released the new version of my version control system Darke Files.

Darke Files' goal - if you haven't heard - is to scale seamlessly between a full-featured version control system and an easy-to-use file synchronization tool in a single repository. You can find more info about the programs features on the project page.

Since the first release I've done a bunch of clean-up and bug fixes, but more importantly major improvements. I've completely rewritten daf sync which gets your changes to the server easily in a single command. I've also upgraded the algorithm for merging changes to a three-way merge which allows it to deal with a few more situations automatically. The big new feature is daf info which I've already teased a week ago (see snippets on project page); with it you can process a template file (written in Go template syntax) with access to the info contained in a repository to extract whatever output you want from the repository. A list of all changes is available in the changelog file in the download package.

Download: https://darkedev.itch.io/darke-files

More info: https://handmade.network/p/213/darke/