update: 2022-08-24

make all now runs 4 tests.

Test 4 contains 2 world.pys and produces {'stdout': ['hello', 'world', 'hello', 'world']}

Test 4 shows off some deep technical aspects: fan-out, fan-in, punting messge from Container to Child, Child output routed to other Chidren.

Test 3 is test2 wrapped in another layer, just to test whether it can be done.

Also fixed Hello.py->hello.py case insensitivity in MacOS. Make was failing because it could not find hello.py, whereas other tools (like vscode) did not fail on this.

Next: create .drawio diagrams and transpile them to the above .py code (diagrams as shown in the documentation. [Intend to use https://github.com/guitarvydas/das]

branch: master