update Oct. 24, 2022

This diagram:

Hello World

is transpiled to this JSON:

      "children": [ {"kind":"Hello", "name":"cell_7"},  {"kind":"World", "name":"cell_8"} ],
      "connections": [
	  "receivers": [ {"receiver": {"component":"cell_7", "port":"stdin"}} ],
	  "senders": [ {"sender": {"component":"cell_6", "port":"stdin"}} ]
	  "receivers": [ {"receiver": {"component":"cell_8", "port":"stdin"}} ],
	  "senders": [ {"sender": {"component":"cell_7", "port":"stdout"}} ]
	  "receivers": [ {"receiver": {"component":"cell_6", "port":"stdout"}} ],
	  "senders": [ {"sender": {"component":"cell_8", "port":"stdout"}} ]
      "inputs": ["cell_17" ],
      "outputs": ["cell_15" ],
      "children": [],
      "connections": [],
      "inputs": ["cell_12" ],
      "outputs": ["cell_10" ],
      "children": [],
      "connections": [],
      "inputs": ["cell_11" ],
      "outputs": ["cell_14" ],

and the above JSON is transpiled to this Python:

from message import Message
from sender import Sender
from selfsender import SelfSender
from receiver import Receiver
from selfreceiver import SelfReceiver
from upconnect import UpConnect
from downconnect import DownConnect
from routeconnect import RouteConnect
from passthroughconnect import PassThroughConnect
from container import Container
from Hello import Hello
from World import World
class HelloWorld (Container): 
  def __init__ (self, parent, name):
    cell_7 = Hello (self, f'{name}-Hello-cell_7');
    cell_8 = World (self, f'{name}-World-cell_8');
    self._children = [cell_7,cell_8]
    self._connections = [
      DownConnect (SelfSender (self,'stdin'), Receiver (cell_7,'stdin')),
      RouteConnect (Sender (cell_7,'stdout'), Receiver (cell_8,'stdin')),
      UpConnect (Sender (cell_8,'stdout'), SelfReceiver (self,'stdout'))
    super ().__init__ (parent, name, self._children, self._connections)

and is transpiled to Common Lisp

(in-package "EH")
(defun new-HelloWorld (parent name)
  (let ((self (make-instance 'Container :parent parent :name name)))
    (let ((cell_7 (make-instance 'Hello :parent self :name (format nil "~a-~a-~a" name "Hello" "cell_7"))))
      (let ((cell_8 (make-instance 'World :parent self :name (format nil "~a-~a-~a" name "World" "cell_8"))))
	(let ((children (list cell_7 cell_8 )))
	  (let ((connections (list  
			      (make-instance 'DownConnect :sender (make-instance 'SelfSender :component self :port "stdin") :receiver (make-instance 'Receiver :component cell_7 :port "stdin")) 
			      (make-instance 'RouteConnect :sender (make-instance 'Sender :component cell_7 :port "stdout") :receiver (make-instance 'Receiver :component cell_8 :port "stdin")) 
			      (make-instance 'UpConnect :sender (make-instance 'Sender :component cell_8 :port "stdout") :receiver (make-instance 'SelfReceiver :component self :port "stdout"))  )))
	    (setf (children self) children)
	    (setf (connections self) connections)


Branch master has a wart - a hard-coded path (see README.md). This will be fixed in branch dev.

Next Steps

Cleave ė into multiple parts

  • diagram to JSON component descriptors
  • JSON component descriptors to Python
  • JSON component descriptors to Common Lisp

Create spin-off which enables manual creation of ė and HSM and 0D code in Python.