Over the last two or so weeks I've been working on a little handmade image viewer, and since I've started a new job I won't have much time to add more features to it. Since it's stable and I already use it on my own rig, I'm releasing CactusViewer alongside the source code today!


  • Supports PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF extensions.
  • Scans folder of opened image and allows flipping through supported images within folder.
  • Multithreaded file loading.
  • image pan and zoom with fitting modes; to width or height.
  • Pixel color inspector and a quick copy of HEX value to clipboad.
  • Animated GIF support with play/pause and seek controls.
  • Quick toggle between nearest-neighbor and linear filtering for pixelart images.
  • Pixel grid.
  • Customizable background color with support for checkerboard with custom colors.
  • Drag and drop support to opening image files.
  • Switches to turn individual RGB channels off and switch between premultiplied alpha and straight RGB.
  • Keyboard controls to pan, zoom, flip through files and GIF controls.
  • Customizable settings to save each image's zoom and pan locations within a session, or to reset image zoom and pan upon file change.

You can check out the source code, and find prebuilt binaries for Windows here: