Spent some time working on expanding the dialogue editor. I rewrote the data structures to support more complex content creation, previously it supported specifically 6 options to every node and it was all dialogue, it didn't allow for nuance that might trigger custom code, expanded options, or simple actions like "give" and "take" or "attack" interactions with the NPC. The regidity was there because data structures were static arrays until now. Now a node can be connected to any number of other nodes with variable types and options, it can carry an "SCI", a special code index, which can be treated as an enum to trigger special code in a big switch statement in the game loop, all of this can be saved and reloaded, and works with the undo/ redo system. This required a restructuing of the ImNodes implementation, especially their unintuitive node ID system. I also added some visual changes to the editor and color coded stuff, which required tweaking ImGui's source code. Making editors is fun.