With a lot of help and motivation from the HMN community I am proud to announce that my handmade built game &brainroll is finally being released on steam in the coming weeks!

It is a sokoban-style puzzle game where you play as a small brain called Brainroll who has to move brain blocks while sliding on ice. The game features 50 levels where you can get up to three throphies based on how good your solution is.
The game and engine is written in a C style of C++ and is built using Win32, WASAPI, DirectWrite, OpenGL and lz4 for compression.

Initially the game will only be released on Windows but I will eventually get around to porting it to Linux as well.

If this is of any interest to you then please consider wishlisting the game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2396530/Brainroll/