With the release of Darke Files 0.5.0, I included a webhook feature that lets you configure Darke Files server to post some info to a specified URL whenever a new commit is pushed. I wanted to integrate Darke Files into a CI system but I didn't find any that fit my needs, so the webhook was the only feature you got. I went into more detail back when I released that version here https://discord.com/channels/239737791225790464/1053016918023487549/1053018234628087828

Times have changed and now I have a build server that can do the things I want it to do. Aura now contains an endpoint specific to the webhook payloads Darke Files server sends out. You just have to map between the two systems in Aura's config and provide the missing pieces of information. You can read more about the integration in the expanded Aura README and the submit-darke docs.

The screenshot montage contains (from top to bottom):

  • the repository on Darke Files server
  • the project in Aura
  • the config for the integration in Aura

Yes, this is a crossover showcase-post.
https://darke.handmade.network/ | https://darkedev.itch.io/darke-files | &darke
https://handmade.network/p/431/aura/ | https://github.com/unnamedtiger/aura | &aura