Cactus Viewer update version 2.1.5 is out!
This update includes a few QOL features and some bug fixes. These include:

  • Cactus now grabs the font file from the system, and no longer has to include the ttf file inside of it, dropping the exe size significantly to 2.7 MB.
  • Introducing a simple installer that allows to easily add Cactus to start menu, desktop, add an "Open with CactusViewer" button to the right-click context menu, and associate common image extensions with Cactus. Using Inno Setup scripts added to the repo (improvements to that are very welcome!). Note: this is optional, you can still just use the exe directly with no setup.
  • Config file is now in JSON format, this allows to edit settings in the file directly and helps making setting changes backward compatible in the future.
  • Added a setting for selecting how an image is zoomed when first open and the settings to "save zoom for each image" is selected, you can now have it either fill the window or zoom to 1:1.
  • Added a feature where you can choose the format of the color you copy using the color picker, including Hex, RGB and HSVm with different parenthesis styles. Introduced by @orcenhaze in #35.
  • Fixed commandline loading issues in #25 by @orcenhaze in #35.
  • Fixed the issue of the status bar being 1 pixel too small on the edges which allowed to see the image in the back at the bottom too.

Thanks to @orcenhaze for the contributions to this release!