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The library is live!

Hey everyone! The library promised in our latest news post is now live.


There are over 50 resources to kick things off, with more on the way thanks to dedicated community members and everyone sharing links on the Discord. There are many categories to look into, and all resources are categorized by different types of media (books, videos, articles, etc.) so you can easily find the kind of resources you're looking for. You can also leave stars on resources so that everyone can see which resources are especially valuable to the community.

Every resource also has its own forum category, so you can post discussion threads if you have questions or feedback about it. We hope that this will make each resource even more useful over time!

We have several improvements and new features on the roadmap, including more ways to view the contents of the library, and richer ways of viewing certain resources (like videos!). If you have any feedback, or you run into any issues, please post in the dedicated feedback thread.

Many thanks as always to community member Spiney for organizing the library's contents for launch. I hope you all find something new and useful!
Ryan Fleury,
Yes! Thank you Ben and Spiney for an amazing resource!