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Wiki Formatting Feature Requests
Edited by nakst on
Hi, I have some feature requests for the wiki formatting:
- Tables
- Links to other wiki articles
- Links within code blocks
- Uploading images
- Export entire wiki as combined HTML page
- Newline without new paragraph
- Display image alt-text as a caption (or tooltip?)
- Automatic link generation (my OS's API uses the prefix OS- for everything, so they all need links to the matching Markdown heading)

Ginger Bill
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Wiki Formatting Feature Requests
Edited by Ginger Bill on Reason: Added extra requests
Feature requests:

  • Inline code blocks within titles
  • Collapsible and Scrollable Contents
  • Code blocks state language in the top-right corner (or something akin to that)
  • Links to sections within article without long form URL
  • Basic searching within an article
  • Different background colour for code blocks and inline code
  • Sections titles are self-linked
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Wiki Formatting Feature Requests
Edited by Mārtiņš Možeiko on
[video] tag for embedding short mp4 videos - similarly how [img] can embed images. Often mp4 can have much smaller size than gif.
Simon Anciaux
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Wiki Formatting Feature Requests
Edited by Simon Anciaux on Reason: 3rd point
- Having a different background color for the inline code block ( some text `some code` more text) would help making them stand out more from regular text.
- Having a better visual difference between the different level of headings.
- A wysiwyg editor. It a bit painful to have to scroll in both the page and the textarea when you hit "Update preview".