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I'm a geek, programmer, physics nerd. ~1986 BASIC on ZX81, then MS-DOS Turbo Pascal + ASM, now mostly C/C++ and Perl; twitch.tv/edwinst
Updating the avatar seems to be broken
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I just created a profile and uploaded an avatar. That worked. I then wanted to change my avatar to a different PNG file.
In "Update profile" I chose the new file (the new filename was displayed, then) but saving the changes does not actually change the avatar to the new image. It remains at the old one.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a local / browser problem?

best regards


P.S.: Maybe there is just a (long) delay in updating the avatar. Looking at the forums a few hours later, I can see the second avatar I uploaded. When I then uploaded a third version, it does not show up. Let's see if it is a reproducible matter of an update latency.
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Updating the avatar seems to be broken
Yes, I had that problem too. Then I tried changing again after a few hours and it worked.