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I use x86-64 assembly, Python, C, and SQL to fight malware.

#11266 any advice on interviews for hightech?
1 year ago

For the struct size w/o sizeof... Couldn't you just look at the struct and do it manually? Or was that not an option and you had to do it programmatically (just curious in case I face this question ever... But my initial thought was add up the size of the members by data type).

Hey Martins, while you're here, do you happen to know of any other way to directly (more or less) assign physical memory on a Windows system other than with the AWEs? I didn't even know they existed until today and found them to be quite fascinating, to be honest. :P

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#11270 any advice on interviews for hightech?
1 year ago

Usually they ask this kind of question for writing actual code that does this.

I have not used AWE API, so I have no opinion on them. Nor I have bothered with physical memory pages on Windows.