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Coding one day at a time. Enjoys the bughunt!
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Hailing from the land of Cadbury chocolate, Lord of the Rings and Led Zeppelin.

Spent way too long 'researching' gameplay on an Amiga 500+ during my youth.

Dabbled in web dev back when Dreamweaver wasn't a thing and Notepad was enough.
Brief stint using Delphi and Turbo Pascal then a massive hiatus dev wise up to now where I find myself back at the beginning but not panicking due to the wealth of advice and knowledge being shared through the HandMade movement.

Absorbing as much as I can and will be using the knowledge for application development mainly with the odd bit of game development thrown in to keep things varied.

Hoping to start a project on here but still considering it and working out the details.

Just want to thank Philip Buuck for his efforts on Hand Made Quake, this was a key factor in me actually starting to give game dev a go and without it, I don't think I would have took the plunge or at most would have stuck to Unity etc. Thanks!
Peter Bocan
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Math, Crypto, Computer Security, C/C++ (Qt included), Optimization Nazi.
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Hello there.

I am 22, studying Crypto/Computer Security stuff (therefore I lean more to mathsy stuff). I adore C/C++ and I'm impressed by Casey's work. In my spare time, I study math. :D
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My main interest is coding game engines. I've dabbled in various 2d and 3d engines (software rasterizers and OpenGL) but am always looking to improve my technique!

Last year while trying to understand efficient coding at a more fundamental level I came across Mike Acton's talk on Data Oriented Design:

and this led me on the path towards handmade dev :)

At the moment I'm working on a handmade voxel engine and editor, progress is slow but steady. I grew up with the 16 bit era of game consoles, so hoping to capture a little of that aesthetic with what I do!

It seems like this is going to be a great place to get feedback and discuss my voxel project, so hoping to do that as soon as I get it more organised.

Nice to meet everyone! :)
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.NET (C#, WPF, ASP.NET MVC) developer and a computer science student at CSUSB.
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.NET developer here. Been developing mainly in C# and WPF for the past three years. Used C++ and Python for a few things (OCR and GIS stuff), but bread and butter has been .NET-involved. I dabbled in ASP.NET MVC, but haven't used it in any of my work projects yet. I enjoy C# as a language and .NET is tolerable. WPF has an incredibly steep learning curve, but I forced myself to learn it in under a month to a professional-working level with little to no sleep to get my current gig. I enjoy the flexibility of WPF, but it has a few annoying bugs that Microsoft showed no interest in fixing (they literally told me that), so that upsets me.

I have Associate of Science in Computer Science and Associate of Science in Math & Science, and I'm currently working on my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at CSUSB.

I'm joining this community to better myself as a developer. While being able to use ready frameworks to quickly cook up some software that's due by some ridiculous deadline is great and all, it always leaves me wanting. I want more control over my product and I don't always have that with my current tools. I haven't had time to follow Casey's videos closely (although I'm doing that now), but I have glanced at them once in a while since the day he started streaming. He has made remarkable progress and has created things in C that make me believe that with enough time and energy invested into learning how to create things from scratch, I will have the necessary skills not to rely on any existing frameworks anymore (or at least be able to supplement them if needed). Anyways... that's the hope, but we'll see.

Lastly, I'm very agnostic when it comes to the field of technology. Linux, Windows, JavaScript, Python, C#, whatever... I honestly don't care. I admire those who are passionate about their cause (in a technological context) and those who have created all these 'tools'. Many bash things like Java and while I stopped using it for enterprise reasons, I can't speak poorly of it --- when I create something better on my own, maybe then I'll have the right (even then I probably won't... but hopefully you understand what I mean).
Jorge Sánchez
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* Join HandmadeNetwork (DONE)
* Interact with people (DONE) 😁
* Create a Project (TODO)
* Interact some more (TODO)
* Contribute to overal group lazyness (IN PROGRESS)
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I work as a 3d-artist at a game studio. I'm a generalist at heart and like problem solving a lot.

My motivation for getting into programming is partly artistic. While creating an actual game is the long-term goal I'm more interested in the "tool" side of things, building an engine that allows me to create my own little worlds.

My history with coding so far...
Went a basic c++ course or two, nothing for a bunch of years, wrote my portfolio page (javascript and php), made some crude prototypy things in Unity(c#), started trying to make things more from scratch in love2d(lua), had a go with polycode (c++), went back to love2D, had a go with LWJGL(java) and lastly started watching Handmade Hero which inspired me to give c/c++ a go again and loving it so far.

Currently I'm trying to make my own 2d-game-engine using OpenGL and c++.

Nice to meet you all and I hope the future holds many exchanges of ideas and knowledge.

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Hi, I have been popping in and out of the handmadehero forums since the beginning but I though I could introduce myself here anyway.

My name is Peter Sundström, I am 28 years old and I live in Sweden. I work as a systems engineer.

I have been working with PHP, Java, Python and some FORTRAN before I started with C and C++ recently, much thanks to Casey and his invaluable Handmade Hero series.
Joel Pérez
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Hi there!

I'm Joel. I started programming for fun at 12, and with the years I started noticing that that was what I really loved. I also enjoy Physics and everything related with the Universe.

Since I am quite young, I don't have access to that much people who enjoy coding and similar stuff. That's one of the reasons why I'm really interested in the outcome of this project.

Hope to see you guys around here! :)
Neo Ar
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riscy.tv host
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Finally decided to get around to making an account here and apparently I already had one (from handmade hero forum migration?)

Looking forward to participating in the community (when I have free time).
I'm a full time programmer but I'm interested in handmade style development and game dev. Specifically I am interested in developing for RISC-V as I am very disillusioned by the state of the major processors from Intel and AMD. Hoping to see real RISC-V chips fabricated and to develop toolchains and software for them in the handmade spirit.
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Love dark theme. Use it for everything. OS, browser, webpages, IDE, desktop background.
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I'm new to programming and have work that have nothing to do with programming. It just my newly found hobby. I love knowledge. The things with programming, in the beginning (where I am in now) there are just simply to many new good thing to learn with every lesson. By the first video in Handmade Hero I already learn so much about Emacs and spends weeks learning and tweaking it. I didn't know anything about Emacs before.
I'm current watching the 8th video on the series and thoroughly enjoying it. I also learning few other aspect of programming on the side. I'm determined to see this through so that later I can make programs that are useful to myself.
Oswald Hurlem
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Working on Swedish Cubes for Unity. You could say I'm a real blockhead!!
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Hello! I'm a CS grad who has worked in business software for about two years. I am taking some time off to work on a project, primarily as a way to refine some of the game programming skills I fostered in college, but maybe also as a Real Thing, I'll have to decide. I'm a longtime lurker (never really been one to post on programmer BBSes), but I've come out of the shadows because I've decided to maintain updates on my project here, on handmade.network.
I hope to be a positive participant in other discussions, too. Nice to meetcha!