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It's been so long ;)
An Interesting Win32 Discovery
Hello all! I was digging around the web for win32 stuff this week and found something cool.

You can change the shape of your window to a circle! It's really neat and only takes three lines of code:

HRGN hrgn;
hrgn = CreateEllipticRgn(0, 0, 200, 200);
SetWindowRgn(Window, hrgn, TRUE);

It seems it doesn't actually change the shape of your window but only the viewing area of it? Very weird. Does anyone else have some cool win32 "secrets"?

- Connor
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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An Interesting Win32 Discovery
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You need top use Layered Windows to control actual shape of window.

As for cool win32 secrets - The Old New Thing blog is great for this. You can find all kinds of win32 secrets there. Raymond Chen also has a book about this: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/0321440307 It's great.
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An Interesting Win32 Discovery
I remember Winamp assuming those shapes back in the day :) People probably stopped doing it for a reason...
Matt Mascarenhas
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An Interesting Win32 Discovery
Oh man, there's a little nostalgia trip! Pretty sure this was the Sonique skin I used for a bit, until the non-personalised fullscreen GUI-style Amarok and now the sleekly personalised ncmpcpp. I guess I still like that "shaped window" aesthetic, though, since I bothered to hack a curved shape into my conky monitor as you can see in the screenshot.
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An Interesting Win32 Discovery
Nice skin! Thinking about it, that was super customizable comparing to something like Sublime Text themes we have today...
Barret Gaylor
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I am a game designer who recently became interested in coding in a handmade way. I am not that experienced, but I want to learn.
An Interesting Win32 Discovery
Since we are talking about windows stuff, I've wondered if it was possible to make a window that is transparent except for the things you draw into it. That way you can draw symbols and other UI elements onto the screen without a window.