I'm looking for some people to test modifications to 4coder in the community fork. The modifications include:

  • a DirectX 11 backend (Windows only);
  • a fix for OpenGL on AMD GPU (magenta glitches flying everywhere on the screen) (Windows only);
  • a fix in the font atlas packing (this is for all platforms, but I can't provide build other than Windows);
  • an improvement on memory usage and performances for files that have very long lines that don't wrap (this is for all platforms, but I can't provide build other than Windows).

If you use any of the builds, I'm interested to know if they work and if you encounter any new issues. I'm not only asking to report issue, but also report when it works (this is important), and if possible what graphics card vendor you use (AMD, NVidia, Intel). The modifications only affect the rendering parts of 4coder so they should be safe to use, but make sure any data was backed up before testing just in case.

There are 2 builds: 1 for OpenGL and 1 for D3D11. I would appreciate if you could test both, even if it's just testing if they start at all on your computer. I'm asking for testing on OpenGL to make sure the modifications I did to add D3D11 didn't cause any side effects. There shouldn't be any rendering difference between the two versions.

If you have an AMD card, I have a few questions:

1 - On your current version of 4coder, when you go fullscreen (not maximized) do you have the magenta glitches when you, do anything at all (pressing a key, moving the mouse...) ?

2 - On your current version of 4coder, when you are in fullscreen (not maximized) and try to Alt+Tab to another application, do you see a black flash (for a frame or two, the screen is black, like a mode change is triggered) ?

  • If you experience 1, does the OpenGL version from this post fixes the issue ?
  • If you experience 2, does the OpenGL version from this post fixes the issue (it shouldn't) ?
  • If you experience 2, does the D3D11 version fixes the issue ?

Here are the builds. They are standard 4coder builds. If you want a quick way to use them, you can just replace (after backup) 4ed.exe and 4ed_app.dll with those of the build you want to use. You don't need to recompile your custom layer. There are also links for the corresponding PDBs. If you have a crash it could help me get more precise information of what's happening.





All the modifications have pull requests in the 4coder community github repository, if you want more details.

Feel free to contact me if you need any information.