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All about videogame development.


  • Let's remove Quaternions from every 3D Engine
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    An interactive introduction to rotors from geometric algebra, presented as an alternative to quaternions.
  • Fix Your Timestep
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    Classic article by Glenn Fiedler that goes into some of the intricacies of delta time in gameloops
  • Using Blue Noise in Loot Drop Tables
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    About using low-discrepancy functions/tables in gameplay code. A low discrepancy sequence is a sequence of numbers which are neither too close together nor too far apart.


  • Bitsquid Blog
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    The precursor to the Our Machinery blog with different articles.
  • Our Machinery Blog
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    Blog with several good posts on game engine architecture.
  • Roguelike Vision Algorithms
    ★ 0 0
    A review of algorithms for implementing field of view (FOV) in a Roguelike, as well as details of a new algorithm the author designed.
  • Symmetric Shadowcasting
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    Overview and implementation of the Shadowcasting technique for calculating field of view (FOV) (on a 2D grid).


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  • Physically Based Modeling
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    A short course from Pixar on modeling and simulating physical systems. Covers differential equations, particle systems, rigid body dynamics, etc.

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