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  • Fix Your Timestep
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    Classic article by Glenn Fiedler that goes into some of the intricacies of delta time in gameloops
  • Point in Polygon Detection Strategies
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    Testing whether a point is inside a polygon is a basic operation in computer graphics. Graphics Gems presents an algorithm for testing points against convex polygons (Badouel 1990). This Gem provides algorithms which are from 1.6 to 9 or more times faster for convex polygons. It also presents algorithms for testing non-convex polygons and discusses the advantages and drawbacks of each. Faster, more memory intensive algorithms are also presented, along with an O(log n) algorithm for convex polygons. Code is included for the algorithms discussed.


  • Physically Based Modeling
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    A short course from Pixar on modeling and simulating physical systems. Covers differential equations, particle systems, rigid body dynamics, etc.

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