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Everything on programming for the graphics processor.



  • A Comparison of Modern Graphics APIs
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    Looking at how Low level Graphics APIs such as Vulkan, DirectX, Metal, and WebGPU are converging to a model similar to the way GPUs are currently built, and how they compare with older graphics APIs such as OpenGL in their design and data structures.

Online Book

  • Learn OpenGL
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    Introduction to GPU programming with OpenGL



  • Glyphy
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    GLyphy represents a SDF using actual vectors submitted to the GPU. This results in very high quality rendering, though at a much higher runtime cost.
  • Multi-Channel Distance Field Generator for Font Glyphs
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    This is a utility for generating signed distance fields from vector shapes and font glyphs.


YouTube Series

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  • Matrix row-column sampling for the many-light problem
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    Computing global illumination using the many-lights approach is expensive, this algorithm presents a method ("exploration") for reducing the amount of lights to be sampled.
  • Ray-Traced Irradiance Fields (Real-Time Light Probe Rendering)
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    [...] how to combine glossy reflection ray tracing with diffuse ray-traced irradiance field probes. This creates a complete dynamic global illumination solution that scales across all DXR GPUs and minimizes light leaking without requiring manual per-probe or lightmap work by artists.
  • Stochastic Lightcuts
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    A solution to the global illumination problem by sampling from many lights. Stochastic Lightcuts is an improvement on the earlier Lightcuts algorithm. Presentation at HPG 2019.


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    User friendly OpenGL documentation site.