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Low-Level Programming


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  • Decimal Precision of Binary Floating-Point Numbers
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    In depth blog post exploring the question "How many decimal digits of precision does a binary floating-point number have? "
  • Interactive Guide to Buffer Overflow Exploitation
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    "A Buffer Overflow is a bug class in a program typically written in a memory unsafe language like C or C++. Buffer Overflow bugs from user-input can often allow someone to overwrite some data in memory they weren't supposed to. Before we dive into how to exploit Buffer Overflow bugs, we will do a quick introduction to Assembly."

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YouTube Video

  • Ben Eater Youtube Channel
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    Ben Eater's hardware hacking videos
  • Bitwise Programming Streams
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    Per Vognsen's low-level programming educational series
  • Revision 2020: Modern 64k Intro Compression
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    Squishy is a new 64k intro compressor used by top groups in 7 productions at revision 2019, 3 of them meteorik-nominated 64k intros, and it has recently been released in the wild. This talk start by an intro to 64k intros and executable compression, and will continue with a deep-dive into squishy's internals, what makes it special, and some tips on how you can start making your own executable compressors.